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All About Me and
Butterfly Flow


Adrienne has been licensed as a Psychologist for 10 years, but she has worked in the Mental Health field for over 20 years. Becoming a psychologist is a life goal she has attained and she continues to do all she can to help others reach their goals, as well.


Adrienne is a Motivational Speaker, Workshop facilitator and Panel Moderator with 3 books published. Adrienne’s first book, Butterfly Flow: A book of poetry, was titled after a poem in the book. She chose this as the title because she felt that the poem embodied her and her journey. Butterfly Flow has now become a way of life and her brand

Butterfly Flow has now become a way a life and her brand. This is because of what it means and how Adrienne believes that it relates to people. Butterfly Flow is the transformation of love, life and learning. In the first stage (caterpillar), we are learning about life through the loves that we have encountered. In the second stage (chrysalis), we are taking what we have learned about love and trying to figure out how to apply it to our life. In the third and final stage (butterfly), we’ve lived life and learned that the biggest love of all is the love of yourself.

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